Thoughts on the MAGA insurrection

On Wednesday night, I watched the news of the attack on the US Capitol in disgust. Like everyone else, I’ve been trying to process it all and follow the news, and deal with living in a pandemic, and as of last week, do distance learning in lockdown again. So I’m writing this reaction fairly late, but that’s given the story time to develop–people have been arrested, impeachment charges have been presented, etc.

One of the (many) things that upset me was the way Trump supporters refused to believe their eyes and claimed that it was really antifa who were behind the attack. They had infiltrated the demonstration, supposedly, just to undermine the MAGA cause. Fox News perpetuated the claim, and I saw it in the comments on friends’ Facebook posts about the attack. How can you possibly reason with people who deny reality like that? It was very clearly a mob of Trump supporters, fully decked out in MAGA hats and t-shirts, waving Trump flags (and Confederate flags, and Back the Blue flags…). If they were antifa, they spent a lot of money on Trump merch. Another hint at their identity: they came from a Trump rally at the Ellipse, where Trump told them to march to the Capitol and fight. The people identified and arrested so far have all been Trump supporters, Q-Anon adherents, white supremacists, etc. I haven’t heard any follow-up from people who pushed those antifa claims, so I don’t know if those people have changed their mind, or just stopped talking about it now.

The more that comes out about the attack, the more obvious it is–this was planned, politically motivated violence, also known as terrorism. Rep. Espaillat just shared this piece from the New York Post that’s worth a quick read, highlighting black Capitol Police officers’ accounts.

Another officer, who is a newer recruit, described being forced to engage in hand-to-hand combat with the rioters, some of whom hurled Blue Lives Matter flags at them.

“We were telling them to back up and get away and stop, and they’re telling us, they are on our side, and they’re doing this for us, and they’re saying this as I’m getting punched in my face by one of them,” he told the outlet.

Jackie Salo, Black Capitol Police officers say DC rioters repeatedly used N-word, New York Post. 10 January 2021.

This is just incredible–but completely believable and unsurprising. “They’re doing this for us”–these rioters genuinely believe they are supporting police by fighting for Trump’s re-election, because they (wrongly) see the “Black Lives Matter” movement as anti-police. Even the “Defund the Police” sentiment is not anti-police–it’s simply saying that police are relied upon to do things they aren’t equipped to do, and that funding should be redirected to social workers, mental health professionals, etc.

It’s been a hard week. I hold some hope for the impeachment–whether it actually happens or not, it’s a part of accountability, like all of the arrests we’ve been seeing. It’s a clear statement that the mob didn’t get away with it, and neither will Trump.

One of the things I always think about in these moments is how it makes America look to the rest of the world. The U.S. exports democracy around the world, with its public diplomacy and traditional diplomacy, and these events undermine those efforts (to say the least…they reveal/highlight U.S. hypocrisy). On Wednesday night, I took screenshots of Spain’s El Mundo, France’s Le Monde, and Germany’s Der Spiegel.

El Mundo identified the mob as “followers of Trump”, and leads with the woman in critical condition after being shot, who became the first fatality of the attack.

These images are just disgusting–the beautiful U.S. Capitol building, a sacred space that most Americans will never get to see in person, a symbol of democracy, being overrun by a mob (wearing shorts that actually violate rules about displaying the U.S. flag). Many commentators picked up on the fact that these terrorists brought the Confederate flag into the U.S. Capitol, something that had never happened before–not even during the Civil War.

Le Monde also identified the mob as Trump supporters–“partisans”, adherents, supporters, partisans. They mention the rally in “the centre of the capital, to hear a speech from the Republican President at the moment when Congress began to certify the results of the election.” I think it was some hours before the media started talking about the rally, and it definitely wasn’t until the next day that we heard Trump’s rally speech, with its incitement to “never give up”, “go to the Capitol”, “fight”, “be strong”, etc.

The German term for a Trump supporter is by far my favourite–Anhänger is the word for follower or supporter, but it’s also pendant or tag–literally just like it sounds, “hanging on”. They’re “Trump-hangers-on”.

Let’s hope they will be quickly brought to justice, Trump and his hangers-on.

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