Election Week 2020: Memes as Coping Mechanism

I was beating myself up for taking so long to write something about the election, but actually, it’s only been a week since the results were called–and Trump still hasn’t conceded, so I can’t be too far behind! Here are a few thoughts on the long election week we’ve been living in for the past 11 days:

Election night: This was my fourth US election night in the UK, and due to the time difference, we don’t really get any results until after midnight. I had originally planned to going to bed early and just watching the coverage when I was up with the baby, as he usually wakes me up around 3 am anyway. I ended up doing what I always do, and stayed up all night watching the results. I stayed up too late watching a movie and then the baby didn’t want to go to sleep, and I figured the polls would be closing soon anyway…Paul fell asleep around 1am, and George didn’t end up joining us as he’d wanted to–he slept through the night.

I knew about the “red mirage” prediction, but it was still a very concerning election night. When I gave up and went to bed after the 4am calls for the West coast, I was still vaguely confident about Biden’s chances but I was disappointed about the Senate results. I couldn’t believe Mitch McConnell and Lindsay Graham were re-elected–and even Susan Collins. It wasn’t the blue wave I’d hoped for, that much was already clear.

The next 3 days are a blur. I constantly checked my phone for updates and grew so tired of seeing the same electoral vote count every time I checked. On Saturday, we went for a walk and got takeaway Starbucks Christmas coffees as a little treat, and while I was taking a break from my phone, the election was finally called!

I was so relieved that it was over and that Biden had won. I don’t know how the US and the world would have faced four more years of a Trump presidency. I’m well aware of the criticisms people have of Biden & Harris, but one thing is certain–they are competent and experienced leaders.

Back in 2017, Joe Biden was interviewed on Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday. I remember listening to the podcast at the time and crying on my commute over his beautiful words about grief and loss. I watched it again this week (it was reposted by OWN on YouTube), and was reminded what a truly decent, empathetic person Biden is. It’s the greatest contrast with Trump–he has no sense of empathy. Narcissists can’t empathise.

My favorite part about the week has been the memes. They have been a form of self-medicating during the wait for results, offering a way to express ourselves and share our emotions with friends and family during this chaotic time.

Nevada being slow—it wouldn’t have mattered if the election hadn’t been so close! They only have 6 electoral votes!
“Stop the Count!”
So many amazing memes about the Four Seasons Total Landscaping press conference. I love that the company went with it, and every detail was just brilliant. Such a perfect moment to cap off a chaotic 4 years!
As long as he stays quiet, we can just assume this is what he’s doing. According to aides, he’s “watching even more television than usual”!

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