Pre-Election Anxiety

It’s the big day—the end of voting and the start of determining the results. I’m anxious for the outcome. I can’t fully trust the polls. Even if Biden wins by a landslide, Trump will contest the results and say it’s rigged. He’s already said he’s going to send lawyers in to stop the counting of ballots, which is crazy and unprecedented. I’m worried about the reaction of Trump supporters—I know they won’t be gracious in defeat or victory, and I fear for the safety of people who aren’t white, cis, straight men.

I’m worried about violence. We’ve already seen the MAGA crowd get violent many times over the past 4 years—at Charlottesville, in Portland, ambushing the Biden Harris convoy in Texas last weekend. Trump condones this behaviour—encourages it, praises it.

I’m also cautiously optimistic. Biden is unifying and people are engaged. The early voting turnout has been amazing. Young people have shown up and broken records. In Texas alone, 1.8 million more people have registered since the last election. There could be a landslide. It’s possible. I just have a hard time letting myself get excited about that possibility!

I’ve been reading about the March For Our Lives movement as part of my study on Parkland, and I was struck by this passage:

from Parkland: Birth of a Movement, Dave Cullen, 2019

Since 2016, we’ve been seeing each other as enemies, not adversaries. Sometimes, that’s for very good reasons–white supremacists are definitely enemies, rather than reasonable people you just happen to disagree with. I’ll readily admit that the tiki-torch-wielding mob in Charlottesville was evil, or at the very least, had evil intentions at that time. But in other cases, I’ve seen people treat each other as enemies when they really aren’t evil people. I hope we can get back to recognizing the difference between enemies and adversaries, between actual evil and just a dissenting viewpoint. I hope Biden, if he wins, can unify the country and get us back to acknowledging our common humanity.

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