Election countdown: 4 days

Washington has been consistently blue since 1988, and in 2016 Hillary Clinton won by over 500,000 votes, or 16.2 points—the biggest margin of victory in Washington since 1972 (Nixon won by 18 points). Like its neighbor Oregon, Washington is an all mail-in ballot state, with further evidence of the security of postal voting.

The Lieutenant Governor race is actually a surprisingly interesting one this year. Incumbent Democratic Governor Jay Inslee is running for re-election, and will likely win—he’s leading by 15 points on average. But if Biden wins, there’s a real possibility that Inslee could be chosen for a cabinet position. In that case, the lieutenant governor (a post I’ve never paid attention to) would be the next Governor of Washington. In the primary, two Democrats were selected—Denny Heck and Marko Liias. Heck is a US Representative who decided not to run for re-election and went for this post instead. Liias is the State Senate Majority floor leader, and I’m not convinced, based on their photos, that he’s not just a younger version of his opponent:

I’ve been a Washington voter all of my adult life, and since overseas voting registration is based on your last US address, that’s unlikely to ever change (fun fact: my kids will also use my last US address when they register to vote, despite never having lived in America!). While I love Washington and I’m proud of my state, being a member of the majority party in a safe state does make you feel like your vote doesn’t matter, at least not as much as it would in a swing state. I’m just adding another drop to a blue ocean. That said, Trump held a rally in Everett in 2016, and I’ve seen people from high school with MAGA hats in their Facebook profile pics, so this is no time to get complacent. I voted weeks ago and confirmed that my ballot has been accepted. I’m not taking any chances!

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